Monday, February 8, 2010

Pet Lions' Lesson on Roman History

Are you sprung? Way too sprung to the point that even when the hottest chick came over and did the entire flirting hoo-ha still does not entice/excite you. Yeah? Dang! Snap out of it brother!

Let Pet Lions, a Chicago-based indie pop/rock band, tell you what's bound to happen if you stay that way... and you're not going to like it. Who wants to be alone?! Not me, definitely. Here's Pet Lion lecturing you on Roman History.

Oh yeah, before the fan-made video here's a little info: the band's debut EP, Soft Right, is available for free download after you subscribe to their mailing list. Go to their site to start downloading.

band's photo: from their Facebook page and taken by James P. Morse

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