Monday, February 8, 2010

NYC 1: Kevin Rudolf - NYC

Shall we go more upbeat? Okay!

I'm a sucker for songs that tell how awesome New York is. Yeah. There's New York New York (Frank Sinatra) and Empire State of Mind (Alicia Keys and Jay-Z) to name some of the famous ones.

Oh yeah, BTW, I'll be making a series of posts featuring songs about New York. Not bad!

First to be featured is Kevin Rudolf's NYC - but others call it In The City or City of Dreams. Personally, I prefer calling it NYC... In The City is the album's name. Released in 2008, this song's just found its way to my iPod last year. But it's never too late.

It's rock, pop, and hip hop in one track. Interesting.

If I play this again, I'd die of jealousy... lucky New Yorkers! LOL

Download song here.

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