Friday, February 5, 2010

Kayvon Zand

What do you get when you put an upgraded Elvis hairdo, bedroom voice, and that Tim Burton-ish vibe altogether? Answer: Kayvon Zand!

I learned about Kayvon Zand on The Deli NYC. I think. I can't access the site now so, there's no way to confirm.

Anyhoo, Kayvon Zand is perfection. A singing model who doesn't do pop! His performances, based on the photos and YouTube videos I saw, are enough to freak you out. Entertainingly, that is. And the voice! Dark and distinct.

Three words: freaky, unusual, and deviant. And it works! Awesome awesome awesome!

You're a genius Mr. Zand!

Click here for a free download of his song So Gone.
OR play this video

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