Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Woke Up in a Car

Here's a classic. I can vividly remember that summer... no details though.

This one's kinda old but not that old for your parents to be able to relate to. It's a song by Something Corporate from the OC. As in Orange County and not the show.

I Woke Up in a Car was released in 2002 but it still sounds relevant. That's why it's a classic. You can never go wrong with this track.

Gad I miss that summer! Random messages... Welcome to the twilight zone. Cue Twilight Zone song. NOTTT!

More about the band and less about me: this year, the band's releasing their greatest hits album and this is something to look forward to. And I've always wondered about their similarity with Jack's Mannequin's sound and now I know. It's cuz Andrew, the pianist and vocalist,  also did the piano and vocals for the band. Which, by the way, he formed too.

Anyhoo, here's I Woke Up in a Car by Something Corporate.

I might feature Dark Blue by Jack's Mannequin... but who doesn't know Dark Blue? Yeah?

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