Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breakfast In NYC

The songs to be included in the NYC series need not to be all about New York. If the word "New York" has been mentioned in the song, even just once, and I ended up loving it, it's so making an appearance here.

Oppenheimer is an Irish indie pop musical duo who achieved success in the US via sitcoms using their songs. Some of these shows are: Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, and How I Met Your Mother. Their single, Breakfast In New York, is included in Gossip Girl's soundtrack, OMFGG.

Breakfast In NYC was released in 2006 but OMFGG was released just in 2008. Way late no?

The band performed for the last time in December of 2009. And now I'm waiting for their digital EP which is set for release this year.

It's sad, yeah... but I can't wait for Rocky and Shaun's solo projects.

Listen to this song when you're in the mood for some day dreaming.

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