Sunday, February 28, 2010

For The Road!

I discovered this place yesterday, it was the only non-air-conditioned restaurant among this row of restaurants and I saw "fish and chips" written on its mirror wall... so I decided to give it a shot.

The place is called For The Road... pretty catchy eh? It's at Madison Square in Pioneer, Mandaluyong.

Their iced tea was divine! I bet it's because of the syrup. Bottomless iced tea is priced 80php.

Garlic Mushroom. 95php

First thing I got was Garlic Mushroom. It was okay... there's nothing special about it. The sauce was kinda nice but something's lacking.

Fish and Chip. 165php

Their Fish and Chips was okay... but I've had better. The fish was cooked perfectly but it lacks flavor. Oh yeah and they only serve it with mayo and ketchup. NO TARTAR SAUCE :( It would've been better if the fish is that flavorful so there wouldn't be a need for tartar sauce. The fries reminded me of McDonald's fries.

Local beer costs 35php per bottle, the usual price.

I have never tried Chocolate Martini and when I saw it in their menu, it excited me. I can't wait to go back and try that.

The verdict:
Go to this place after a long day. Non-smokers, I suggest you go someplace else because the entire restaurant's not air-conditioned giving smokers the free pass to smoke anywhere. Food is okay... not the worst I've had but, again, I've had better. I LOVE THEIR ICED TEA! But their service, THE BEST!

Place: ☻☻☻☻ out of 5
Food: ☻☻ out of 5
Service: ☻☻☻☻☻ out of 5

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