Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Bigger, The Harder to Work With - Calda Pizza

Have you ever had this great craving for pizza? So great you tell yourself you can eat an entire 36-inch pizza?
What!!! A 36-inch pizza? Is there such thing?! YES!!! Calda Pizza has that.

Originally from Cebu, Calda Pizza now has its branch in the Metro. At Madison Square, Pioneer, Mandaluyong to be exact.

The 36-inch pizza is so huge you'd get full just by looking at it. It's so huge some customers had to have their car's backseat folded just for the pizza to fit in the trunk (luckily, we didn't have to do that).

Bad side though they only serve pizza and calzone. NO PASTA! But the crust, man! It's heaven! It's soft and chewy even when you eat it fresh from the fridge.

Sizes of pizzas vary from 10inches to the whopping 36inch kind. Prices range from 130php until 965php. Now to enjoy the goodness of that humongous 36inch pizza, just add 250php to the price of their Super 30" pizza and is applicable to all flavors.

Here's our pizza:

Pardon the squished side, I had to incline the pizza box so it'd fit the door. Haha.
It's 36inches of pure goodness. Flavors: Pepperoni, Margherita, Roma, and Napoletana.

We still have leftovers!

The verdict:
Who doesn't love pizza? I suggest you drive to Madison Square! Bring friends haha.

Place☻☻☻ out of 5 (al fresco dining on picnic tables, they only have 5 tables or six I guess)
Food: ☻☻☻☻ out of 5
Service: ☻☻☻ out of 5 (we bought a 36", a 20" and a 10" and we waited for 2hours! But it's all good considering the number of customers.)

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