Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Young Liars' Colours

I love getting tips on bands to watch out for. Imagine the idea of unraveling something not totally spoiled and at its rawest form.

Guys, here's Young Liars, a Vancouver-based band set to make it big. They don't sound like anyone. Period. Their song Colours is punk, electronic, pop, and funk rolled in one tortilla. The moment the song ends, you'd want to play it again... and again. And again. I wanna hear more!

Oh yeah, by the way, Young Liars is set to go on tour with Oh No! Yoko in August (details to be posted).
Another BTW, you can download the MP3 of Colours here or click the download button on the player.

<a href="">Colours by Young Liars</a>

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