Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's A Mistake

ArjanWrites.com says "emerging British vocalist Sam Taylor likes to call himself a pop balladeer to emphasize his penchant for belting out heartfelt torch songs." And he's nailed it.

His song It's A Mistake delivered that desire pretty well. I was so moved I even asked him for the song's lyrics so I could try to sing along with it. But I sounded terrible... as always. And he did post by the way. Now I'm planning to make a friend cry with this song

Anyway, this guy is really awesome he could sweep everyone off of their feet... or shatter every heart. Cuz he's great, like that.

And if only every breakup-related dialogs are done this way, I'd gladly hop in to one relationship after the other. There you go!  I tried to be clever.

It's a Mistake by samtayloruk


Paul said...

It's very lovely indeed isn't it? I tear up every time i hear it :)

ArvinBarvinBoBarvin said...

It is! It's THAT moving. I can't help but sing my heart out every time this song plays :)