Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey Simon, Can Bowersox Do This?

When America decided not to vote for Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott, I told myself to stop watching American Idol already.

I tried. But man was it hard considering that my favorite is still in the running. Siobhan Magnus is like Adam Lambert. But stating what I have just stated might be unfair for Siobhan who's working her ass off. Okay, Siobhan is MORE.

All her performances are awesome; she never disappoints. But man, I hate it when Simon compares her with Crystal Bowersox, who is also good, but man! I can sense favoritism. Siobhan appears timid, shy, and at times, awkward but her voices is UH-MEY-ZEEN! On the other hand, Crystal seems wasted, drunk, and passive. Just an observation.

Anyhoo, can Bowersox do this?

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