Friday, March 5, 2010

The Kind We're Dreaming Of

I've heard a lot of awesome whispering songs... ermm... when the singer whispers instead of screaming.

The spotlight's on The Radio Dept. They're an indie pop band from Sweden and appeared on Marie Antoinette's soundtrack via Pulling Our Weight.
In time we might walk the straight line
But with memories of a grapevine
A guitar, as we came close from far
Forgot about the war
We barely touched
As if being watched
Many miles from where I’m sleeping
You share laughter in the evening
As do I, in the great divine
Yours is mine
We’ll find love
The kind we’re dreaming of  


And if you've seen any of their album cover artworks, you'd definitely feel they're not the usual band doing mainstream shits. It's artistic and intriguing yet it's not too heavily done.


ampol said...
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ampol said...

"sleeping in" is the best Radio Dept. song :)

I'm from Sweden.