Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where's Ben?

Ben Jelen, that is. Well, Ben's Under The Elephant. You'll figure that out in a sec.

My last vivid memory of him was when he played this really awesome piano that housed everything and everyone - from a seagull to a group of Capoeiristas. Yeah, I was talking about the music video of his debut single, Come On. [mp3, video]

Based on my research, he's done two more albums after Give It All Away, his debut album. And I've never listened to it, because I was not aware of its existence.

Now, Ben has left his solo career and went on and formed a group called Under The Elephant. Sounds different from how he used to - basing it on the band's only song I know of. The Beautiful Shuffle.

You be the judge. Press play.

To me, the new sound works. A bit church-ish but enjoyable.
By the way, here's the band's Facebook page.

download link for Come On is not mine, just did a little outsourcing. LOL

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