Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jumping Into Puddles

Still on Penelope, it was refreshing to hear Sigur Rós' song near the end of the film.

What can I say... it's one of my favorite songs of the band. Hoppípolla is the name of the song, by the way. It's Icelandic for jumping into puddles. Sources say the song is about childhood and the past. Thus the nostalgic vibe it brings.

Words are just words... and a song is not a song without the melody. So don't mind getting lost once the words start to come out. I'm sure the sound will take you farther like it did me.

Oh lastly, the song's been everywhere: at the 2009 Wimbeldon, some TV series, etc. 2009! Yeah, considering the song was released in 2005. YEAH! Well at least, it made it big.

I just wish Sigur Rós' hiatus doesn't take that long.

The video's not the official one. Embedding of the promotional video isn't allowed :(

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